Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This week's Italian phrase (see New Year, New Languages, www.aheart4heaven.blogspot.com) is "E stato fantastico" which means "that was amazing" and describes so perfectly each of my experiences with God! Today I am particularly amazed that the Creator of the universe is interested in conversing with us, and the creative ways He finds to do so. The particular incident I was thinking about (just one of so many!) occurred some years ago when I was still driving one of my kids back and forth to school. On my way home from one such morning run I was talking to God about an issue that had arisen in the last twenty-four hours. A well-meaning friend had called to give me some information she thought I should know, but my spirit was rejecting and almost resenting what she had to say. I know her heart and understand that she meant well, but what she was saying wasn't sitting well with me. Rather than being helpful it had a tendency to lead me into doubt and worry. I felt that I was to ignore it, but then wondered again if I was perhaps in a "state of denial" about the situation. Was I being spiritually lazy by not being more concerned about it, or was I right to leave it in God's hands and simply trust that He would work it out? I felt that God would give me His answer on the subject in my morning devotional time and hurried home to receive it. When I was finally sitting at my kitchen table and picked up the study guide I was using, these were the words that I read:

...stay in step with God and hear the beat. That sometimes means turning a deaf ear to the clamor of the outside world or the advice of well-intentioned friends. (emphasis mine)

Wow! E stato fantastico!

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