Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jesus in a Jelly Jar

I have something in common today with the jars of jelly on my grocer’s shelves. I’m preserved! The Bible tells me that God preserves me from all evil. He preserves my soul. And He preserves my going out and coming in forevermore.

The dictionary has several definitions for the word preserve. Perhaps the one we’re most familiar with is “to save from harm or destruction, to protect.” Surely that describes God’s actions on our behalf against the attacks of the enemy. Another meaning of the word is “to cause to remain good and wholesome.” God truly protects our souls this way even as a woman might do the same with canning, smoking or pickling a food item. But the word “preserve” can also be used as a noun, as in “a place set apart for the shelter and protection of… natural resources.” Surely we Christians are God’s spiritual resource! We were created for fellowship with Him and to accomplish His purposes on earth. He shelters and protects what He’s placed inside of us to use and enjoy as He desires.

A jar of jam is a simple reminder that my life is preserved for God's purposes, not my own.

“He preserves the way of His saints.“ (Proverbs 2:8 AMP)
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