Saturday, March 6, 2010

After my Glove Lost, Purpose Found incident at work the other day ( I felt the Holy Spirit reminding me yesterday to keep my eyes open for who I might have an opportunity to love on in some way. After a while a group of girls clustered near the entry door caught my attention and I recognized one of them as the pregnant girlfriend of one of our baggers. The other girls were interestedly examining her now bulging belly. Soon one of the store cashiers ran over and took the girls away, saying something about the bagger boyfriend having had to run to the bathroom. I watched for him to come back, wanting to tease him, saying, "I just saw your baby!" But when he again came into view I could see the the last thing he needed was teasing. His eyes red and wet from the tears he had obviously been shedding, he was trying his best to get himself together. Since her pregnancy began, his girlfriend hasn't wanted anything to do with him, and he's been frustrated and discouraged, wondering if it's due to her fluctuating hormone levels or some other reason. So I kept quiet, but prayed silently, asking God to help him, a kid in wrong circumstances who was trying to do the right thing. I asked Him to bless that little family of three. Then, having done all I could do, I had to leave the situation in God's hands. But I watched the boy the rest of the evening, quietly rejoicing each time I saw him laugh or smile. Surely God was doing the same.

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